House Cleaning with Natural Ingredients

House Cleaning with Natural Ingredients

Make cleaning the house with natural materials is always healthier and more effective. You can also make healthy home cleaning with chemical detergents as having a strong influence on the material.

Washing Soda: Strong oil and is effective for cleaning dirt floor. Using, it is appropriate to wear gloves. You should choose the one chlorine free.

Vegetable oils: Used as a main ingredient of perfumes essential oils, is particularly effective for the house smell good. By adding a few drops of household cleaning water, you can make the house smell good. Vegetable oil based liquid soap. animal fat or oil, you can use soap drinking.

Borax: Water, oxygen is a substance that consists of a mixture of sodium and boron. Antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal, deodorizing and has disinfectant properties. Also prevent mold or mildew. If swallowed poison. You can find in health food stores and pharmacies.

Carbonate: Bleaching and deodorizing properties. Light is corrosive.

To make cleaning with these recipes, we recommend using a spray bottle and one hundred percent cotton cloth. You can also use a cellulose sponge and natural bristle brushes.

It should regularly clean your house cleaning to be continuous. Using natural materials while cleaning is also important for your health. Tricks of the cleaning is important for your business to be easy housecleaning.

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