Homemade T-shirt Painting

Homemade T-shirt Painting

If you think you do not really like to beauty your solid color t-shirt from the house and wear, certainly in the right place. Shirt incredible and different painting techniques with impressive features mentioned before.

We are also in different construction of compiled for you. Except we use batik often used now is very different systems and methods. Here we are with a staining method if you get much more impressive results this project. This wonderful project done in a few steps, the consequences will be amazing you will enjoy.

Shibori style known as going to see each other and the process to get great visuals with recurrent motifs and patterns in this project. The materials necessary our fabric paint, a little stiff and resistant fibers, plastic pipes, plastic bags and cotton.

First of all, as shown in the picture epileptic our shirts can roll. Then pick up pushing the two ends of the middle part. Firmly to tie rope to enter the break with our package in this way while after.

Now to the final stage of the most enjoyable and t-shirt painting. Drain as seen in the picture on top of our fabric paint. From riding to a lot of different places, do you deploy this operation. Then you sit in salt water wash the dye fabrics. And the result will be amazing.


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