Homemade Mattress Models

Homemade Mattress Models

You can make gifts to your children will be happy to evaluate your leisure time. Also in the birthday child to make yourself more money without a product, it is possible that you can give as a gift.

In his room at home for your child can use at the dinner table or on the soft bed, pillows and cushions can be fun and enjoyable by making him happy. To make these cushions would first need a sewing machine.

In this way you also cushion toys your child to color the world with a little more color and to expand his imagination can in an easy way. You can also choose if you like cartoon characters in the construction of the head cushion. Boots the cat, Garfield the cat as well as some of the characters you can use in the face of this cushion.

First it needs to decide the design of the house to make mats cushion according to your own creativity.

If you have a different design in mind, you can make it something that is completely up to you. The head of the design work you do, you must give way to paper carton to their feet and ears.

We made the way you provide your cushion with cardboard cut the fabric in the color you want to pour some cotton into where necessary.

Eye, nose and ears did you complete your design cushions with cotton cloth round now cut to the head and create some head completely.

Your other ear, nose, and eyes on the head of the generated correctly.

After a swim, you can take care of that bit to the middle part of your sitting cushion is already very easy to cut out part of the fabric rectangle 2 cotton filling.

The middle part of the face you make when combining the arms and legs and mid section you have completed your mattress.


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