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Home Made Laundry Detergent…and a wip

I have been working on and off as time allows on my new pattern using the African Flower Hexagon. Above you can see a sneak peek at the wip…I have really enjoyed working with the red yarn, and of course, had to add some pink in… ūüôā

Some feedback on the Home Made Laundry Detergent. IT ROCKS!!!!! Well, I was a bit hesitant, thinking (stupidly!) that if it cost so little to make, it couldn’t do the same job as the regular stuff. It works like a charm! I have given some to my sister and mom, and so far my sister has given it a thumbs up… Mom, I still have to chat to about how she found it works ūüôā

I did a costing exercise for you all to see…

Borax R9.99 for half a cup
Washing Soda R6.25 for half a cup
Sunlight bar of soap R5.00

So…total cost of making a very concentrated 10L bucket = R21.24

At the very least, I will do around 80 loads of washing with 10L….so the cost = R0.26 per load!!!!!

I have used half a cup of the concentrate for a load of washing. As it is really thick, I have watered it down with about 500mls of water. It really works very well. I am decidedly not buying the regular stuff anymore…after all, why spend money on that which goes down the drain?

I am going to try my hand at making soap this weekend…again, using Rhonda’s recipe. This blog is awesome…go and take a look around ūüôā

Any good ideas for cost saving that you’ve tried? I’d love to know ūüôā



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