Herbal Remedies for Menstrual Pain

Herbal Remedies for Menstrual Pain

One of the distinctive features of the rare female body as a physiological menstrual period. However, every woman is different to spend this period due to the physical and health conditions. As this medicine has different reasons and be hungry. Every woman comfortable in this period, like to spend a peaceful and safe. There herself feel menstruation before arriving.

Unfortunately, many women in this process without the influence of age and social conditions, pain, known as painful cramps and even had to spend in the way serious conditions. In this article; It told what they should do to bring solutions to the natural menstrual pain. If there is no specific reason has been identified as a medicine for menstrual pain, women do not choose to go to the doctor or hospital. Pain perception is a reason to reduce a person’s quality of life effectively.

Natural solutions for menstrual pain: It offers a simple and easy implementation options. These methods can be applied and in every woman’s house or in social media to find solutions to their pain shows that regular attendance. It is a choice to want to stay connected to the drug. To remove completely this issue in your agenda by using natural methods … The problem as there are options to remove from your life:

Hot applications: Hot water bottle placed in the lower abdomen, the womb, the blood circulation will help to mobilize. In this case, the pain will be managed to reduce gradually. Menstrual periods to shower with hot water provided it is not too hot and it would be useful to hold the feet in warm water for about 20 minutes.

Nutrition attention: In supporting vitamins with magnesium effects can be utilized before showing the pain. You can choose the B and E vitamins. Naturally, consumption of milk, fish, soy, nuts, parsley, apple, you can choose your lungs. In particular, you should avoid foods and beverages that pre menstrual abdominal bloating. You can reduce the use of salt and sugar.

Herbal teas: Lemon balm, chamomile, fennel, linden, you can use the simple tea and water, such as onion juice. The relaxing effect on the muscles will benefit. Menstrual pain natural solution methods’ referring also to some incorrect information that we know is true also need to transfer. This time to cut the pain of coffee, chocolate and caffeine, especially in the food and drinks you should stay away.


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