Handmade Glass Painting

Handmade Glass Painting

Glass and paint with a combination of unparalleled beautiful works of art emerge. As a method of glass painting handicrafts made according to certain production steps. Glass painting hobby most frustrating things in the paint while painting work involved in each desired format can not be done. It would need to know some of the tricks. Thus, the share stood eliminate errors can be very beautiful glass painting made.

Glass painting the first material coating units such as drawing pen and brush is important. Oven, painting made on cleaning the paint must be baked goods to flow in. Stained glass surface that is supposed to be clean and dry.

The surface of the glass paint will begin to be sanded with sandpaper. The surface should be slightly lumpy. This way hamper the flow of paint as paint amount of time is made. What if you gave.Drawing patterns have preferred a glass cup when painting must be the same or smaller size as the object selected pattern. It will also dye the outside of the cup. Pattern therein is placed in the interior of the glass cup.

By going over all the lines with the contour line of the pattern from the outer parts of pencil drawings made. Contour pen to get the black color, so color pattern is created by the contrast dyes help to keep painting. Clock pattern is allowed to dry.


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