Hair Care

Hair Care

You can apply the treatment to your hair bakımısaç proteins will be prepared at home. With this method you will be freed from paying precious care of the great figures of the beauty saloon. This method of applying the 3 whole eggs 1 teaspoon one that flapped in the mixer and stir in lemon juice until very well.


Then apply this mixture on your hair that is both clean and completely dry, wait at least 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly with cold water to help your hair. With this regard will be no damage to the hair and also hair ends and your hair is damaged it will be revived.


The first rule you need to know when applying hair care shampoo is to practice directly. If you want you can put half of the time you bought the shampoo product in another bottle of shampoo bottles. Add enough water to fill half a bottle of shampoo into the shampoo bottle. In this way, your hair more gently cleaned at the same time you also have to make savings.


If you want to make home hot oil treatment for your hair thoroughly soak your hair first. Then drying the hair with a clean towel carefully. Then apply a massage your hair with warm root vegetable oil or baby oil.


Then completely cover your hair with a clean towel from the hot newfangled machine or dryer. After waiting at least 15 minutes in this way apply to your hair shampoo.



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