Great Crochet Flower Free Pattern

Great Crochet Flower Free Pattern

We offer the crochet motif, which has a stylish visual appearance that you can use in the ornamentation technique in knitting patterns with wonderful crochet flower motif , to our valuable followers.

Crochet flower motif is a knit motif model that can be used in booties, sweater collar, vest models and hair bands.

Decoration details are very important in knitting models . The flower detail sewn on a plain knit sweater or vest adds a lot of elegance. Our ladies prefer detail use in knitting models. You can follow our page for different flower productions or you can examine many models by clicking the link in our article.

Great Crochet Flower Motif Making

In model explanation, booties are used.

3 mm crochet hook is used.

Pearl, needle and thread

First of all, let’s create rings with 5 chains, let’s say 1 time and make 1 time a total of 15 handrails. Let’s draw 10 chains and skip one chain and sink it to the next chain so that we complete the sequence. Then we fill the chain with frequent needles and handrails. We are sewing pearl or different beads. For detailed preparation, you can apply it by watching the video narration. Good luck with..

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Wonderful Crochet Flower Motif VIDEO EXPRESSED

Great Crochet Flower Free Pattern


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