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Goose foot baby vest free pattern Video

Goose foot baby vest free pattern Video

Goose foot pattern baby vest is a great knitting pattern for lovers of knitted baby vests. You can make this beautiful example for many age groups. Tunisian business.

Baby vests are among the most used clothes. While preparing for mothers, knitted vest patterns are made in different colors and varieties in samples.

Knitted baby vests have a wide range of patterns such as spit pattern, crochet, Tunisian work. You can find the most beautiful baby vest samples on our page. Goose foot pattern is presented to you as a video lesson you can easily. Wishing to be together again in the new video narration goodbye.

Goose foot pattern baby vest construction
Suitable for 6 months to 1 year.

We’re making Tunisian baby vests

goose foot quite old and beautiful pattern

You can choose one color if you want used vest pattern 2 color rope

Necessary materials 2 colors baby wool

Goose foot baby vest free pattern Video

3.5 Tunisian crochet

4 pcs wooden buttons

First we draw 39 stitches. In the first place, we are raising. It is the model that starts from the collar. You can do this by watching our video for detailed explanation. We forward our wishes to friends who will make it easy.

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You can apply the goose foot pattern baby vest by watching the video here.


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