Glass Washing Tricks

Glass Washing Tricks

You must choose the right time to clear glass. Weather, the sun will shine glass is dense and stains on it will be very difficult to notice. Therefore, we recommend you to choose to delete the cloudy glass. If you are complaining about the fogging of the windscreen, the wipes can delete some glycerin immersion glass. With glycerin will be misting.

If dry thoroughly with newsprint after you delete your glass, you can make it look cleaner and brighter.

Never use hard objects such as wire to remove stubborn stains on glass. Your glass for you and pour over cream detergent with a microfiber cloth to clean stains without scratching.

You can add a little salt into the water to wipe glare glass. In addition, by dividing in half the lemon wipe your glass quickly and wait a little dry, wipe with a clean cloth. This method also can polish glass.

Easier to clean the edges of the window; Wrap a cloth over one end of the blade is not too sharp. This way you can easily clean corners.

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