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How to Give Yourself a Manicure at Home?

How to Give Yourself a Manicure at Home?
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Seem to appear healthy and well maintained course to the right of every woman. Most women would like to look better and to manicures to compromising aesthetics beautiful to look more attractive to men.

But what does need to knock on the door of the drink constantly beauty centers manicure? In fact, do manicure at home is easy and effortless. In our article on how to easily keep at home you will be transferred to the tricks you can do your own manicure. The basic manicure passes with health being quite well groomed nails. I want you more time to listen to our practical advice to seperating the manicure at home.


First, it is necessary to purify the whole nail polish nails and paint. You can use acetone cotton in terms of being practical for this purpose. You must thoroughly clean acetone nail with the help of cotton.

After the first stage in this process made the transition to the next phase. Your hands must be dry and care should be taken not wet. The next step is the abbreviation nails. For this procedure, using nail clippers or nail file, nail shortness easily be adjusted as desired.


Giving the desired shape can say regarding the continued use will certainly suit the file. Rasp choice for those who want to give annular shape is certainly of great importance.

If you wish, you can use the glass nail file in this regard. It will be extremely important in obtaining the desired performance. Again rasp between our proposals are important areas where the nail surface of the paper file. Filing process must be in the same direction at all times should be made in the same direction so sure.


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