The Garment Hanger Construction

The Garment Hanger Construction

In our home we use clothes hangers for cabinets and beautiful handmade, as well as decorative. We continue to evaluate our leisure time we do it yourself projects. We will continue to share them with you also.


The hangers can be used to create their designs with people is both fun and pride makers. Decorative products, storage boxes and pipe hanger designs are among the projects in this area. Pipe rack design, construction is quite easy to make a product. Clothes rack, preparing easily with the use of sanitary ware products. pipe hanger can design, leaning against the wall, it is a very useful product.



2 meter long 2 pipe

1 meter long 2 pipe

Duct tape


Then put your longest pipe against the wall. you have to do is inclined shelves. Because the sloping shelves is much more durable. Both the wall space as well as areas of support remains more inclined shelves as well as decorative. Adjust the height of the hanger to help you make the hanger and put signs there.


Wrap the pipe you have marked some of the first bands. Then add the three-way where you wrap common inputs.

With tape you are installing a three-way joint entries will slip down.

Your outfit is extremely powerful thanks to the suspension no longer be stopped tidy.



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