Frieze Making with Plastic Bottle Caps

Frieze Making with Plastic Bottle Caps

We need water for daily life we ​​consume, what we do at the end of the food contained in these plastic bottles are plastic bottles, such as a variety of drinks? Are not we going? Pet covers as a team when we use the bottle decoration products also can use for different decorations.

There used to be wall decorations in various ways from this cover. I love these ornaments would like to move to the present time have seen in my childhood. Materials needed for this easy and enjoyable making wall decorations; bottle caps, rope, pins, nails to pierce the covers, cardboard and glue. Now I will try to explain the construction.

First I need to cover 70 will make a lozenge. These covers are opening hole of the medium with the help of nails. You can use the soldering tool for drilling. Can we use the remaining piece of string of wool braided rope. We have assessed the remaining rope. Let’s get the rope to spend caps knitting needle trades. You spend the hole through each valve needle filled with a rope around.

You can make the color you want. All covers are cut cardboard after doing it that way. As we are preparing to cut as well since the cover 13 square cardboard big enough to fit. Put the lid we are sticking with yellow rope in the middle of the cardboard. Cover both sides are sticking with one row of three. We are pasted Total 7 cover. The upper and lower order 7 ‘ Work continues on the top and bottom covers 6 -5-4-3-2-1 cover pasting the way we build, put lozenge. The cardboard cover of the last remaining sticking on a regular basis to the space.

Rear chain by doing this instead of sticking with the needle valve can attach to each other. Cover the middle of deformed can decorate the artificial flowers. If you can paste it into the middle cover a variety of beads in your hand. You have pasted a link attached with a rope from the back of the cardboard hanger. I did lozenge shape. You can make different models in the number you want to cover.


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