Frame Models Made at Home

Frame Models Made at Home

Frame Models Made at Home

Photos are very important for us. They remind us past events and they witness to past. Another important issue about photos is their frames. Different frame models can be regarded as unique accessories of our home. We can buy these frames or we can create them by ourselves.





We have a lot of useless materials at our homes. Paperboards, egg shell, cloth or thread, old accessories, dry tree branches or flowers, buttons, glass shards and clothes pins can be evaluated at making frames for our homes. These designs would be unique and free for us.

The only thing you need is imagination. If you place these materials properly, you would have a unique design. Paperboards are the most favourite materials at making frames. They are cut easily and thus easy shaping.


There are some materials that can be gathered easily. Buttons, dry tree branches and flowers, egg shells are some of them and they are useful at making frames. These frames would be easy making and unique and creative at the same time.


Some useless materials such as cloth or thread or glass shards can be used at making frames for your photos. They makes frames shiny and attractive. By this way, your photos in these frames would be more remarkable.



To sum up, creating frame models at your home would be beneficial both for your budget and the nature. You can create your unique designs and at the same time you can protect the nature from useless garbages.


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