Which foods to consume when you are pregnant?

Which foods to consume when you are pregnant?

Pregnancy is a very important part of your life span Healthy nutrition is the first step of a healthy pregnancy. Here is a list for the 5 foods ,which you have to consume when you are pregnant.There are some food which you have to eat when you are pregnant . Make sure that you eat enough vegetables and fruits for the necessary vitamins and minerals. Do not forget that you need milk products like cheese,yoghurt, and milk for your muscles health and for your skeleton. You need meat daily for the necessary proteins and fish is also very important for the gaining of omega 3 acids.Especially fish like salmon,trout and mackerel are very rich of omega 3.

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Sometimes you have to go on a diet depending on your blood pressure or on your blood sugar. Because high blood sugar and obesity is very dangerous for your child’s health. When you are pregnant you do not only nurture yourself, but also the baby. And the nutrition is very important especially in the first three months. If you have high blood sugar you have to avoid sugar and food containing sugar and also carbonhydrates like pasta,rice, potato and bread. If you have high blood pressure you have to avoid food rich on cholestrol. Do not eat fast food or fried food and food like shrimps and other sea food containing cholestrol. You have to avoid soy and soy products ,alcohol and smoking  and smoking areas.




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