Food to consume when you are pregnant

Food to consume when you are pregnant

 Healthy nutrition is very important for everyone at every age. If you do not eat carefully and take care of your health ,you will have health problems and suffer from different  diseases  in the future. . Nutrition is especially very important for babies,children ,youngsters and pregnant women.

Making exercices is a big great part of an healthy life. You can to go to gym,walk outdoors or exercise at home .But do not neglect exercising daily,if you want to be a healthy person


Your nutrition when pregnant equals to the nutrition of the baby. Especially the first three months are very important for your baby’s health and for the development of the baby’s brain, eyes and nerves. You have to consume food which contains folic acid like fish.when you are eating fish ,choose oily fishes like salmon,trout and mackerel. Nuts ,spinach,orange juice,broccoli,lentils are also rich of folic acid.


Iron and calcium  are also inevitablefor your babys health. They are the of your baby’s muscle and skeleton system.


So consume milk,yoghurt and home made fruit  yoghurt . Eat two portions of meat daily because meat is very reach of iron too. Avoid soy and soy products which are produced hexane (an oil product) . Soy food can damage your health when pregnant. Avoid alcohol and alcoholic drinks for your baby’s health. Avoid smoking and avoid smoking areas for your and for your baby’s health.


Healthy nutrition when pregnant means a healthy baby after nine months.




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