Flower Pillow

Flower Pillow

Hi Guys!

Follow my simple step-by-step directives and use the free downloadable pattern to stitch up your own magnifition pillow. Excellent for adding a flower of cheer to your kid’s room – or your own!


I have been away from my lovely sewing machine for a while. I haven’t been in the sewing mood for some special reason. I lately started knitting and loving it so maybe you will see some knitting tutorials on there soon. Anyway, I had some left over colorful fabric from my lovely summer dress. I did a few days ago and decided to make a matching flower pillow out of it. I am going to use it to dress up my daughter’s bed. It is so girly pillow but I like it. With all the flower pillow patterns on the different fabrics, I couldn’t think of a better pairing than this spectacular pillow.


How terrific are these pretty girly colors! Each one is so bright and brave. I just loved how this turned out. I may actually do this as my next baby shower gift for my sister’s girl. You can do this simple pattern project with any residuals you have from other pattern projects.


Your Supplies:

18″ square piece for the back,

6- 8″ square scrap pieces,

1-5″ batting,

2- 5″ circle piece,

polyfill for the inside.


If you want this pillow you can find many free patterns on their website. You can make this flower pillow and you can gift your family.



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