Farewell dear ocean shores! The pain….

Farewell dear ocean shores! The pain….

So today we bid farewell to our beloved Cintsa. It is always a bittersweet time, the longing to stay war-ring with the desire to see our other home and our Flashy… Cintsa has become such a special place for us, a refuge and a place of restoration…
We went to the beach in the morning , then packed up and sorted out the house…and wound our way to the airport.
The flight was turbulent to say the least and I came off as nauseous as I was during my pregnancies! I am a terrible flyer…in fact, I hate flying…the problem of course being that I don’t relish the thought of sitting in a car for 12 hours driving through the heat of day just to drop dead from boredom and exhaustion at the end of it all…so flying becomes a lesser evil to endure 🙂
Gerry on the other hand LOVES flying ( 😛 ), and has no trouble at all with flying nausea. When we flew to Verbier a couple of years ago, I vomited non stop for nearly 24 hours…towards the end I gave up all pretense of wanting to continue my existence on earth, and pleaded silently for the end to now just come, dammit! Such are the vagaries of modern travel….

Yesterday, while I was standing on our bedroom balcony, I saw dolphins in the water, and thought I would snap a few pics…what a sweet surprise to have unexpectedly captured a leaping dolphy, right at the very edge of my shot! They really are very playful creatures! Debbie’s son was swimming along with them for a long time one day, and he said that they are naturally very curious, coming up to him constantly to see what this was in the water with them… 🙂

When we landed at the airport, I took a very poor, blurry photo of Emmanuelle under the lighted reindeer…makes me a little nostalgic for Christmas again…ah well, 2012 is soon underway and before you know it…Christmas will be here again!

Tomorrow, it’s back to work bright and early…wish me strength folks…first day back is always tough!



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