Evaluation of old CD

Evaluation of old CD

We continue to inform you in the house with the idea of evaluating ourselves we can do old stuff. Ladies are doing great things in one hand değerlendirrik their free time at home. In this way we have contributed to our home decoration and our leisure time. Both turned out different objects.


There is a sense of invites creativity in everyone. You can do many things with these ideas. We’ve done the organizer or screwdriver stand for hand tools we use in our work in this study. It also can be done in these studies;


Storage Container, Reel Winder, Bread Bowl, Toilet Paper Roll Peçetelig of Cases done a lot of work, such as piggy banks. We could decorate the work we have done but we did not need to decorate with hard materials can damage thought to the fact that materials are taken. EVA decorations made with felt or paper.



1 Piece Metal Money Box

Blank CD

1 Piece Pen

Solder Tool




1-Coin box, we draw straight year round. You can also use a smaller coin. I did it all the same size.

2-Smooth as we take our guests on a circle slowly over the line with solder machine.

3-Once you have finished all of our apartments is ready Organizer tools. You come easy to you all




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