Eight Important Information for Your Kitchen

Eight Important Information for Your Kitchen

Eight Important Information for Your Kitchen

Use Vegetable Peeler

Chocolate is delicious for cake or ice cream. If you want to add chocolate pieces to the ice cream, you can use vegetable peeler for cut chocolate. It would be delicious together.


To Understand That Fresh Eggs

To understand that fresh eggs, put glass with ice and salt. If the eggs deposited, fresh; and if it’s go up, eggs are stale.

For Dry Cheese…

Cheeses are dry a little time later. Color changes to yellow. For dry cheese, take butter to piece of cheese. It’s important for don’t be yellow color cheese.


Eggs Water Is Not Waste

Keep eggs boiled water. Because it’s good for your flowers. Boiled water has a lot of minerals, vitamins…So flowers would be live and healthy.


Add Sugar to Your Coffee Jam

If you put sugar to your coffee jam, your coffee wouldn’t be stale. And you can use for a long time.

Apply Lemon Egg Cracks

If you have cracked eggs, apply lemon this side. You can use it later. Secondly keep the eggs indoors. It’s important for use for a long time.


Apple for Cookies

Cookies are dry after one day. You can use apple with cookies for freshness. One or two pieces from apple enough for freshness.  So it would be delicious. And cookie doesn’t harden. You can eat it 1 week later. And if you add 3-4 pieces of sugar to the cookie box, you can use cookies for a long time. It’s a good idea for cookie lover.


Tea Bags aren’t Garbage

After drank your tea bags, you can use it for your flowers. It’s like water for your flowers and you can change 3 times a week.


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