Effects of Smoking on Pregnant Women

Effects of Smoking on Pregnant Women

Itself to igari, because of component and material it contains is quite harmful tobacco products. In particular, it is not going to be much impact on pregnant women.

But overall know its effect on pregnant and quit smoking as soon as possible is the right course of action. If the release of the non mother and baby for 9 months and 10 days will be the most adversely affected.

One of the first and most well known damage is maximizing the level of risk of miscarriage. If this time increases the risk of preterm delivery is not made low. At the same time both the mother and developing baby’s mind, brain development, and may even damage the mental and physical development.

The baby does not increase the risk of becoming ill from birth. As a result of research and experiments, much healthier than smoking mothers compared to mothers who smoked and developed baby has been observed to bring to the world. Non dependence grows, the baby in the womb or shortly after birth you die is also one of the most adverse effects observed.


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