Effect of Color in Decorating

Effect of Color in Decorating

Impact on people of color is a known fact. Therefore the effect of the decoration is very large. The space used to apply colors, the aesthetic space, the people in there, they provide greatly influence the psychology of people. This effect may be in a positive or negative way.

Therefore according to the space, according to the work to be done, according to people who prefer the space should be made. Otherwise, it can create a very negative air space decoration.

Color is very effective on people’s minds. For example, orange is used where the dishes. The reason is to create an appetite-enhancing effects in humans. A color can be effective in improving their eating people. Therefore, people should choose the color of the interference in their private lives and business life in the decoration should be very careful. A space in which food is appetizing color, rather than the cost of the appetite suppressant color application can be very heavy. For example blue color, it has an appetite suppressant effect.

Therefore, one should know the effects on the psychology of people of color and decoration should be provided accordingly. Another example is green. Green color has a reducing effect on the human excitement and makes sense to rely on. This is why it is often used frequently in the introduction of a place.

The colors also work well in adverse conditions become favorable turn in the place of use. For example, a dark, narrow space, colors can be displayed through a wider and more spacious. Light colors, especially in the area of ​​a sense of spaciousness and white is used.


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