Easy DIY Minion Canvas Shoes

Easy DIY Minion Canvas Shoes

In this video we have given a minion look to the plain white canvas shoes. It’s such an awesome and quick way to transform or recycle boring white shoes into classy looking. It is a very simple DIY. So just get some white shoes and Jazz them up in your own style.
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What a fun project! DIY Minion shoes – these are cute, easy, frugal and fun.  You don’t have to be an artist or really talented to pull off this DIY project.  Yes, you will draw and paint the Minions on, but thankfully these little guys are pretty easy to draw!

Also, the base for this project – the white canvas shoes – are super affordable.  Very often, you can pick them up for $2-$6 per pair at stores like Big Lots, Walmart, Kmart and even craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels.  If you are buying them at a craft store, they will be priced a little higher than the other stores, but just use one of those popular 40% off one item coupons and get them for a great deal. This will be the most expensive part and it really is not expensive!

How To Make DIY Minion Shoes

Materials Needed: 

  • 1 pair white canvas shoes (both the slip-ons or laces will work!)
  • tape (duck tape or painters tape will work)
  • acrylic paint..chambray blue, yellow, dark grey, black, brown, red, pink and white (or fabric paint)
  • small paint brushes


-Remove the laces from each shoe.
-Tape around the sole of each shoe so that paint will not get on it.
-Stuff each toe with old newspaper.
-Hand draw or copy the Minion on the right shoe and the half Minion on the left shoe….including the facial features. and clothing.

-Outline the Minion in black…. fill in the body with yellow except for his overalls….paint them gray…… add details  for the overalls in black.
-On both shoes outline and color in the gloves, hair and glass frame.
-Outline the mouth in black, make two grey lines on the top and bottom on the mouth adding small white squares for the teeth….Outline  and color in the grey frames for the glasses and make a button on the pocket in the center of the overalls.

-Using white paint again fill in the white in the eyes….brown for the center of the eyes with a small white streak close to the black dot in the eye.
-Three steps remaining…. in the mouth add a small, short line of pink…add a small red dot in the center for the tongue.
– Paint the front half of the shoe in the same color as the overalls and the back half in the same minion yellow.
– Let this dry.
-Last step….. in yellow….all caps spell out the word “MINIONS”.
-Allow to dry overnight or until when you touch the shoes no paint comes off on your fingers.

*You may want to  spray a protective coating on them prior to wearing.


There you have it! Cute, fun shoes. These would be perfect for kids too! :)

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