Easy and Practical Baby Girl Booties with Floral Pattern

Easy and Practical Baby Girl Booties with Floral Pattern

hello everyone, in this narrative, did we say that our little princesses’ little feet should not be cold ? and we told you about a very beautiful booties
Our booties are for 0 to 6 month old babies and our sizes are 11 cm in length
If you want to make it even bigger, we recommend that you definitely use the foot size table
According to the rope you are using, you will not get a definite result because we have told you the video from beginning to end of the construction of our booties.

we started at 13.We made a row of tight needles in the chain where we first started, 3 tight needles sank into the same spot 3 times

  1. Next, we have 6 tight needle loops remaining in the row, we have made our increments at the single handrail increments so that 4. Next, the sole of our booties is finished. We tear off our rope and fix the heel exactly in the middle. We turn around, we take our loops from the inner lobe, we do not increase or decrease at all in the first two rows of one-story, we make 13 handrails from the third row, we make our reduction from the nose. We remove one handrail from two loops, we do the same operation in our second row until there are 13 handrails left and right, finally we decorate our booties, you can decorate as you wish in the decoration, we preferred a floral motif. Now let’s knit together by watching the video If you like our video, don’t forget to comment and share are we open to all kinds of comments? if you want to see the continuation of our work in this style, don’t forget to subscribe to our canimanne YouTube channel If you have any questions you want to ask, can you ask without hesitation?as long as you are with us, we’re always here Facebook the result that you made handmade’ instagram by tagging our pages you will know if you send out good luck to everyone who paylasa enjoyable braiding we love you all bye for now
    There are a lot of questions about Bootik taban from our dear followers. how many chains to start for a 1 year old baby ? or how many chains to start for a 3.5-year-old child. questions are coming.
    For this purpose, we have shared a Foot Measurement Table with you. You can find out by clicking on the topic.
    In addition, you can access the bootikbaz videos that we have already described here.

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