How Dressing Mirror Gospel?

How Dressing Mirror Gospel?

One of the accessories that we use for home decoration are also a mirror. We simply because we are fond of ornaments or framed mirrors ladies can decorate with a tool material. Various beads for ornaments, pearls, fabrics, we benefit from lace or ribbon. In accordance with the room we use, we are able to make decorations in color. For example, we can make a mirror balls around felt fabric used in the baby’s room.

Colorful bubbles can prepare and paste it into the mirror frame. Different sizes for our elegant hall where the weather can change our furniture to mirrors framed pearls döşeyip room. Now mirrors decorate with pearls’ll try to explain how.

Materials we use; round framed mirror, cold silicon, swarovski stones, 10 mm half pearls, scissors. First we drive to the deeper parts of the silicon mirror. We stringing pearls, respectively. After completing the first row of the second and third rows are sticking silicone persistent pearls in this way. Pearl sorting process may take some time, but pearls are becoming the order of the great fun of seeing our decorations.

Swarovski stones, these stones would lead to darkening when bonded with silicone adhesive using normal let’s just put transparent adhesive. Term the correct adhesive to the bottom part of the Pearl. Let’s just put the Swarovski stones. Let’s fix when it’s done with scissors cut stones. Let’s continue with silicone adhesive pearls arranging for other sorts. 3 as well as optionally one stone and pearl 3 row pearl still can. We will also benefit from the paste pearls 3 rows than this idea.

If you’d rather you can still use pearl beads measure 10 mm in the same sizes. We use round mirrors. In different shapes such as square or rectangular mirror also can decorate. You can also use the search pearl lace or cuttings.


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