Dressing Jeans Jacket

Dressing Jeans Jacket

He thinks that the fashion of your old denim jacket and you do not want to use anymore? You can convert a lot of stylish and flamboyant pieces, adding them to a different angle of view. Worn or fashion denim jacket caught your laces, flowers, braids, embroidery, sequins, pearls, beads and decorated with a different, you can convert it.

Denim jacket ornament is actually quite simple. We will provide you with the idea of ​​providing you with a few examples. Whichever your expenses if you like, or you can choose to suit your style.

Denim jacket sort of decoration is actually quite a lot. One of them is to decorate your denim jacket with lace motifs. With crochet flower motifs and making denim jacket leaf processing as part of your arm, you can sew the back part. Motifs can also use a single color rope as you can with colorful yarn. You can choose whatever your taste and style which fits the more.

Denim jacket to your neckline, lace pieces that you can spend part of his arm ready. Quite a different air times and will return to a completely different part. At the same time the color, you can make different decorations taking large and small beads. You can also do the same process color scales.

Flowers you cut from other clothes, leaves or planting different motifs on your denim jacket, you can create a different fashion. Both will have to fold difference denim jacket and you have to evaluate your old clothes in this way.

If you have a short denim jacket you can add lace to the bottom of both arms. You can also processed at the same time using colored yarns. You can experiment with different motifs using your own imagination or flower power, you can motifs like leaves. By then the back of your jacket that you can spend part of lace. You can review images on our site for stylish and great ideas from each other.


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