Door Trim Made of Dried Flowers

Door Trim Made of Dried Flowers

Hi Dear Followers! Today, I would like to recipe you how to do a door trim made of dried flowers which is really an easy and practical do it yourself project.



As you know, people like spending so much money for home decoration. And the producer companies of home decoration brands give very high prices for the home decoration materials. If they are especially unique things, it makes double prices. Therefore, it is going to be better option if you can do it yourself as much as you can do in your free times or at weekends. Thus, you will not be extravagant for home decoration, you will have a chance to spend your budget for another expenses.


For a door trim made of dried flowers, you need to have below materials that I will put in order:

  • Dried real flowers
  • A plate or a kind of basement to stick the flowers on it
  • A powerful strong glue
  • Pencil for marking
  • Scissors
  • Hand gloves


After completing all the materials, you can start to do your own do it yourself project. If you have seen any models outside, you can take picture and print it to use as sample for yours. Believe me, when you finish it, your door will be more chic for your guests.


For further ideas, please continue to follow us, I will tell and recipe you more options day by day.

Whatever happens, do it yourself is the best option!



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