Doll Pattern

Doll Pattern

All of the children like dolls. And all of the parents thinking of child’s health. We can use our ability and make our dolls. If our children like dolls, we can make a doll by ourselves.

doll pattern2

Hi Ladies! Today I would like to give you information about doll pattern. And for now our topic is doll pattern which is very simple to do and beneficial after we finish to manage for our children.

doll pattern1

As I have informed you in last month’s articles, pattern is very popular in all over the world and getting more preferred by housewives who would like to improve themselves on knitting and crocheting something in their free times at home!

doll pattern4

To make a doll you will need:

*Residue of quilting cotton in flesh tone for the face and arms, in a contrasting print for the tights, and in a print from the dress,

*Coordinating thread,

*Fiberfill stuffing,

* Wool-blend felt for the hair

*Embroidery floss (I use black, pink, peach)

*Optional:  1.5 cm wool balls and buttons. You can use lipstick to blush the cheeks.

doll pattern3

If you have only above these pattern materials, you will be ready to start your entertaining doll pattern project which will give you pleasant and you will test your pattern talent while you are designing your own doll pattern.

Hope you will like it in the end! Good Luck!

doll pattern5


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