Do your own money box

Do your own money box

Making Money boxes is a a very fun and thrifty hobby. And it is very useful for you regarding to your budget and your child.You can create money boxes out of many thing like plastic bottles,wooden boxes,tea boxes,baby food boxes. You can use metal,plastic,wooden or paper boxes.

Do your own money box and save Money for your future. Your Money box will be your best friend for kitchen expenses. If you motivate your child to save Money too,your child can also buy toys anything he/she likes.A very common Money box is “the pig Money box”. Create your pig Money box out of plastic bottle. Wrap it with pink paper or color the bottle pig . Add two ears to your Money box .Close the lid of the bottle. And your Money box is ready.

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And this is all about how to do a Money box. You can take a wooden box,draw any picture color it. You can also stick anything you like on the surface .Or you can stick glittering material on your wooden box and polish it afterwards. Take a plastic baby food box ,wrap it with paper,and color it. You can also wrap it with gift wrap and create a colorful Money box. Do not forget to puch a whole on the surface.You can also write anything you like on your Money box. You can create your Money box out of a buscuit jar and create different Money boxes out of jars also.

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