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DIY Self-Fertilizing Aquarium Planters

DIY Self-Fertilizing Aquarium Planters
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DIY Self-Fertilizing Aquarium Planters

  • 64 ouncesMason Jar
  • Rocks
  • Water
  • Water conditional
  • Clay ball
  • Rock wool
  • Seeds
  • web pot
  • Bata fish


Step 1: Put rocks in sixty four oz.Mason jar.
Step 2: refill the water and water condtional in the jar.
Step 3:move clay balls in the net pot.
Step 5: Add seeds in rock wool.
Step 5: Add extra clay balls and move internet pot into the jar.
Step 6: close the jar and wait about two weeks earlier than including the fish.
Step 7: right here bata fish comes into the jar! (Please feed the fish as soon as a day in any other case, the plant could die!)


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