DIY Mermaid Tail Blanket Do It

DIY Mermaid Tail Blanket  Do It

DIY Mermaid Tail

Blankets and beach things usually don’t sound like the best combination… except when they involve mermaid tails. Yes, we’re talking about mermaid tail blankets, which are only the coolest and cutest way to stay warm when you’re cuddling and having a Netflix marathon on the couch. Unfortunately, buying an already-made mermaid tail blanket can be expensive, and other DIY tutorials are long and complicated. So, Jamie made a DIY tutorial video that isn’t long and complicated – even beginners (who can sew) can nail this one! Make your mermaid tail as sparkly and embellished as you want, then wear it to your heart’s desire. You’re going to be obsessed, we promise.

4 yards (3.65 meters) Fleece — or any comfortable blanket material
A Needle & Thread (or Strong Fabric Glue)
Safety or Sewing Pins
A Measuring Tool
A Writing Tool
And Tail Embellishments, from complimentary Stuffing to Fabric to Decorations

Step 1: Mark Body Measurements on Fabric
Step 2: Create Tail Fins
Step 3: Cut Out Tail
Step 4: Sew Tail Together

Optional Steps
Step 1: Stuff Fins
Step 2: Attach Body to Tail

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