Dıy Beverage Coaster Projects

Dıy Beverage Coaster Projects


You can make your own coaster. You need just creativity. It is really simple.

Scrabble Tile Coaster
Scrabble tile crafting is a very creative and easy project because you need just glue and Scrabble tiles. Maybe you want to cork for paste them on.  If you want, you can glue tiles each other or you can glue them on the cork. Then you can cut the cork with craft knife. The best part of having a scrabble tile coaster is writing some words you want. It is your creativity.


Wine Cork Coaster
Wine cork coaster especially for wine lovers. First you should collect some wine corks. You can use them for an original beverage coaster.

CD Beverage Coaster

You should collect some broken cds or damaged cds. Draw some pictures on it. What ever you want to draw or just paint them with some colours. Black, white, purple, etc. Then it is ready.


Fruit Beverage Coaster

All people love some fruit because fruits are delicious and fresh and generally in summers fruits look cold and refresher so if you want to do some fruit beverage coaster you can take some beverage coaster. For example watermelon. It looks delicious.


Then cut the beverage coaster triangle with a scissors or craft knife. Paint the prime coat pink. Then paint the base side green like a watermelon crust. Finally make some little touching with black dye. It’s ready!


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