I’ve sort of gotten obsessed with a certain stitch pattern over the past few weeks. Ever since I made the Market Tote Bag, I’ve been thinking of other ways to use the (1 SC + 1 DC) combo. I really love how such simple concepts can make such beautiful things.

Well, as I was working on the Sweet Ocean Breeze Baby Blanket, I started thinking that the stitch combo would make a great dish cloth. It’s relatively tight, and offers a pretty textured pattern. That, and some cotton yarn, are about all you need for a good dishcloth pattern!


The Yarn
I used Sugar & Cream in Yellow and Country Stripes for the two examples in my photos. You can find Sugar & Cream yarn on Amazon if you don’t have a craft store nearby (bless your heart).

I also made two different sizes; one is 9″x9″, which is the size I prefer my dishcloths to be, and the other is about 7″x7″, which is more standard from what I’ve seen of others’ patterns and finished items on sites like Etsy. The pattern below is for the 7″x7″ dishcloth; to make it closer to 9″x9″, you should Ch29 to begin.

The “Handmade with Special Care” wrapper you can see in the photo is available as a free download right here.



Hook: I (5.50mm)
Yarn: Worsted Cotton. I used Sugar & Cream in “Yellow” and “Country Stripes” for the examples in the photos above.
Difficulty: Beginner-Easy
Finished Size: Approx. 7″x7″ (You can easily increase or decrease the size by adding to your starting Ch; just make sure you start with an odd number of Ch)

When working in rows, I usually do my starting chain and first row in a hook one size bigger than the pattern asks for. I tend to chain tightly, which pulls at the finished project if I don’t use a larger hook to start. You can do the same if you wish. It is not noted in the pattern.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

To Begin: Ch23.

Row 1: In 3rd Ch from hook, 1SC + 1DC. (Skip next St; 1 SC + 1 DC in next St) across.

Row 2: Ch2; turn. (Skip next St; 1 SC + 1 DC in next St) across. (Note: You are working between the SC+DC pairings from the previous row. If you stretch out the row a bit, you’ll be able to see the small spaces in which you’ll be working. The last stitches will go in the Ch2 space from the previous row.)

Rows 3-20: Repeat row 2.

Edging: Ch 1. SC around the dishcloth, adding 3 SC in each corner. Fasten off; weave in ends.

Have fun and enjoy!



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