Different Designs for Your Balcony

Different Designs for Your Balcony

Different Designs for Your Balcony

Balconies used for store in home usually. But you can change your balcony and you can make better design. Balcony design is important for to breath in your home. Because, when you bored in your bedroom or living room, you may want to breathe in different place. And then you may need spacious place in your home. You can make a living place…

Use So Many Flowers for Your Balcony

Flowers are most beautiful thing in the modern balcony design.  You must to use a lot of flowers for spacious and live balcony.


Use Armchair and Mini Carpet

If you want to different balcony design, you should to use mini carpet and armchair.

If you have not big balcony, you can use chair.

When you bored in home, you should spend time on the balcony for a long time.


For Very Small Balconies

If you have a small balcony and if you can’t use table, you must choice small table and armchair. You can drink tea or coffee in small and cute place.

Different Color Carpet

Carpets are cute view for balcony design. Rugs should be different color. For example blue, red, green, brown. It must be compatible with iron balcony, chair or flowers.


Iron Balcony Should Be Live Colors

It’s very important for balcony design detail.

You can paint your iron balcony so many different colors. Like blue, yellow, red, brown, green…Vibrant colors perfect choice for balcony design.


You Can Paint the Walls in Color

This is the different detail for your balcony. If you like vibrant colors, you can try it. Ice blue is a cute choice.


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