Detox drink recipe

Detox drink recipe

Detox is a weight loosing and anti aging system which cleans your body and your whole digeston system out of toxins. The most common detox list consists of three days. But there are   lists for longer durations available.( one,two,three,five or weekly lists)

Detox drinks,which helpful for digestion and regeneration of our cells, are an essential part of detox lists. The sources for toxins are alcohol,cafeine,medicine,food preservatives ,environment, air pollution and radiation and insecticides.


The most common plants for detox drinks are chamomile (against stress),ginger( good for digestion),dandelion(for energy),flaxseeds(contains omega 3 good for digestion),thistle (good for liver) ,echinacea(supports the immune system of the body) ,grape seeds(a good antioxidant,which fights against toxines),physillium(good for toxins and controls appetite) and sage (good for toxines)


Here is a heart friendly green detox drink recipe.The keypoint  to a healthy heart is a healthy nutrition. Avoiding fast food,any food  cooked with too much oil and preferring vegetables and fruits for your health. You should also avoid sugar and sugar containing food for a healthy heart. Eating fruits containing potasium like banana,apricots  and grapes consuming plants like spinach,avacado,kiwi,sage,onions,garlic,carrots and artichoke and many others. Especially green plants containing omega 3 like fresh beans and purslane.


1 glass of green tea (coo)

1 glass of coriander

1 glass of spinach

1 glass of cucumbers

1 glass of pineapple

1 tablespoon of  lemon juice

1 tablaspoon of fresh ginger

½ avacado

Mix them in the blender and drink the juice.

Drinking melisa tea ,sage tea ,green tea prevents heart attacks.




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