Designing mobilephone cases

Designing mobilephone cases

Mobile phones are a very inevitable part of our lives nowadays. We almost can not live without our mobile phones. As we care so much about our mobile phone  acessories for mobile phones became an important part of our lives to Designing mobile phone cases is a very popular hobby nowadays. Now we will learn about how to design mobile phone cases You can use different materials for designing mobile phone cases . You can knit your mobile phone case. If you like animals you can knit it in the shape of a dog,cat,turtle or bird.

If you are interested in music,you can knit it in the shape of a guitar. You can patchwork mobile phone cases.

canım anne-188

If you like to design interesting mobile phone cases,you should use different materials. You can change your plastic mobile phone cover into a glittering cover just in seconds. Buy some glittering stars,hearts or any shape you like from the hand craft shop. Put them onto your plastic cover with some glue.So you have your glittering cover just in seconds. You cqn qlso paint your cover with different colors. Cut a paper in the shape of anything you wish.(an animal,a football,  a robot…) and than color your mobile phone case. You can also.knit a mobipe phone case.Take your knitting needles,a suitable wool and start to knit. Now it is all up to your imagination you can knit any shape you like with with any color. You have to stitch the two sides of your creation at the end.

canım anne-189


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