Dental Health in Children

Dental Health in Children

At least until the general health of children is a very important dental health. First, more new teeth should consult a physician for our baby teeth start to appear in control and we need to make frequent checks in the dental health checkups.


Since it is fully started to settle their teeth at least twice a day on a regular basis should be told that you need to brush your teeth with toothbrush for sensitive, Our children aware of the need to make it his responsibility for his own health.


Training provided for dental health in children, at least 1 year begins, it takes up to a maximum of 14 years. Our child in the process after dental education and provide adequate information on dental health should get help from an expert on dental health in children and should be controlled, accompanied by specialist doctors.


Because milk teeth and weaker than normal teeth are the teeth more susceptible to decay. Milk teeth after each feeding operations has been completed in 24 months from the clean up should be clear with the help of a toothbrush or gauze, and we must complete the maintenance.


Unhealthy eating habits affect the child’s teeth and both lead to later problems to make it visually. So teach them to make tooth brushing habits is essential to your children. Regular brushing is not an optional status, is a must. Be sure to mention it in teaching your children to brush teeth.


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