Decorative Wall Construction

Decorative Wall Construction


  • Old A metal tray and a few pieces of metal worn muffin / cupcake molds (you can use the old style of metal saucers for this.)
  • Colored paint, which has increased in the house,
  • -Several part magnet, -Double-sided tape, forging powerful adhesive,
  • Decorative flowers, buttons, beads, or they stick.


First, let dry paint the color you want to paint in the tray. Tray dries you can also complete the process of making small metal mold which will keep notes of this board. Need to decorative ornaments for this operation. You can complete using anything that has increased your home decorative items.


You can select the materials you wish to your creativity; in our example, artificial flowers, colorful sticker decals, colorful pieces of fabric and home now been complicated parts such as buttons choice.


According to the Small molds or choose Paste artificial flowers to the inside of the pit of the saucer. large buttons on top of the flowers, the Paste button on a small sticker or cheerleader style decorations. This will leave your creativity to decorate the stage, but do not forget to use your ornament from the big to the small.


Finally, notepads will be finished after pasting the back of the small magnet parts of the metal mold. Tray hang on the wall and start using your clipboard. Now your notes, cards or decorate your photos with magnets and patterns that you can paste into your colorful metal trays using a magnet.


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