Decorative Curtain Making

Decorative Curtain Making

Flowering widely used in the old year, embroidered, silk handkerchiefs today is not preferred. If you use these ideas a chance you will be able to capture your memories through this DIY ideas made using ancient wipes varieties will make you very happy because all of your history and your home as decorative objects connected to the memories and history. Only a few handkerchief guests from the polls can do what you want without these ideas.


Old wipes by lining from a different cloth sewed into each other, using the wooden handle of a bag, you may have a nostalgic vintage bag model.


Today’s windows are fully closed, there was no curtain formerly depressing fashion. Rustic kitchen curtains preferred, especially in the old year was more popular and it adds freshness into the house. If you live in a house or garden views; This rustic idea of going more and more like you. Thin, after patterned handkerchief to each other side by side width of your window into the rear to fit the width of the fabric of rustic wood top and bottom of the screen can be used as planting.

Cut old or stained handkerchief or embroidered cloth, wrapped around the lower part of the stone that you collect and you can get a pasting decorative stones. You can play in putting on the table top into a beautiful bowl when finished all these stones.

Short instead of curtains if you prefer long; you can get a lot of old handkerchiefs and tissues to cover your vintage sewing together a patchwork style window.


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