Crown Made of Flowers

Crown Made of Flowers

Today’s do it yourself project is crown made of flowers! This is really enjoyable and easy activity which is very popular and common in all over the world!


Before you go holiday or a special organization, you would like to wear a fabulous white dress, so what else do you need to complete you? Of course it is a crown but not golden or silver one, surely it should be a crown made of flowers! This was one of the most popular samples. If we would like to add more, we can say for the bridesmaids, the women who have newly baby and etc.


While we aim to create crown made of flowers, we will need some necessary materials as below:

  • A strong glue
  • Scissors
  • Felt
  • Real or fake flowers (up to you)
  • Nippers
  • Crown band (colorful or basic)
  • Colorful stones or white and black pearls


When you complete all necessary materials, you are ready to design your own homemade crown made of flowers. This easy project would save your budget because this sometimes costs too much money. After doing this do it yourself project, you will be able to check your talent and you will fill your free time.


I would like to share some pictures in my article for your information. You can check them all and have more information about other models. Also, if you do not like them all, you can create your own because it is totally free style. There is no rules! Good Luck!



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