Crocheted Easter Egg Tutorial

Crocheted Easter Egg Tutorial

Happy Friday all…the weekend is here!

I had great intentions to post yesterday, but alas, sometimes the time compresses and dupes us… in any event, it is here now! I have done this tutorial a bit different to the tutorials before. I have written out the whole pattern, row by row, and then added lots of pics to help you see what I mean… Please would you let me know if this format works well…or if the other way is better?
:: Crochet Easter Egg ::
A Heidi Bears Design©

Crochet Hook size 3.75mm
Double Knit yarn (I used Rowan’s Handknit Cotton)
Pure Merino Fleece for stuffing
sc = Single Crochet


Make a slip knot.
Round 1. Ch 2, 5sc into second chain from hook. (5)
Round 2. Ch1, (2sc into next stitch, sc) X 2, 2sc into next stitch. (9)
Round 3. (sc, 2sc into next stitch) X 4, sc, sc. (13)
Round 4. sc, (sc, 2sc into next stitch) X 5, sc, sc. (18)
Rounds 5-12. sc into each stitch. (18)
Round 13. Skip a stitch, sc (into next stitch), sc, sc, skip next stitch, sc, sc, sc, skip next stitch, sc, sc, sc, skip next stitch, sc, sc, sc, skip next stitch. End of round. (13)
Round 14. (Sc, skip next stitch) X 3, sc.
You will have a small hole left. Making sure that you don’t let your work unravel, use the other end of the crochet hook to firmly stuff the egg with the fleece. It may help to place a waste piece of yarn into the last chain stitch that was on your hook, to stop it from unravelling…
Once you have stuffed it firmly, continue as follows:
sc, sc, sc, skip next stitch, sc into next stitch, skip the next stitch, sc into next stitch, skip 2 stitches, sc into next stitch.
The hole at the top of the egg should now be closed.
You will chain 25 stitches to make the loop at the top of the egg. Pull the tail through the last stitch, to end off.
Thread the tail through a tapestry needle and sew to the top of the egg to create the loop and anchor the end of the chain stitch length.

Well done, your egg is ready to be decorated!

Well, it’s time to say goodnight…
Lots of Love
Heidi 🙂

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