Crochet Women’s Vest Pattern Free Video

Crochet Women’s Vest Pattern Free Video

Crochet women’s vest pattern is one of the most commonly used clothes of our ladies. Dec knitted vests are among the most commonly used clothes of our ladies. You can find the most beautiful samples of women’s vests on our site. By clicking on the link in our article, you can find video lectures on the construction of vests with narration from beginning to end.

Knitting vest patterns are a must-have for our daily lives and for knitters. Among the knitting patterns of ladies, the vest patterns that they knit the most are dec So do you guys like knitting vest patterns?

Making a Crochet Women’s Vest Pattern
You can choose the brand of vest rope you want.
Choosing a crochet according to the rope in your hand
Construction: The pattern is described on a small piece in the description. You can adjust the number of chains according to the front and back size you will make. You can look at our site for body size.

Or you can take a measure with a tape measure and pull a chain according to the resulting measure. The most practical would be to adjust the chain by measuring.

Next, we apply a handrail on the chain. After setting the edge handrails, we proceed to the pattern installation in the second row.

Let’s take ten chains in the second row, count them from the bottom row, wrap them four times on the fifth handrail and make a long handrail. We apply four handrails side by side, and then apply the same procedure to the cross section. Let’s do the same operation until the end of the queue.

Then we apply a frequent needle on each handrail. Let’s do the pattern installation again. You can apply it by watching our video for a detailed description. Good luck..


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