Crochet vest model videos

Crochet vest model videos

Crochet vest models For those who are looking for easy-to-make vest examples, you can apply our model. We think that there is a model that you can knit fondly in making vests, especially for those who love crochet. As a dowry vest model, you can apply it with different rope options.

For our ladies who want to learn new crochet examples, video tutorials will be very helpful. You can find a lot of crochet patterns with a video description.

Vest models are among the handicrafts that are very preferred for their daily use as decoupage and crocheting, as well as for dowry. You can find many models of vests on our page. Do not forget to click on the link in our article. Goodbye with the wish to be together again in the most beautiful models.

Making crochet vest models
In the model description, the number 2 crochet fiber rope was used.

Let’s pull a chain of a certain length and make a 2-pound handrail on each chain. let’s make 1 row of tires. let’s take 3 chains. Let’s go back and make 4 edge handrails. let’s pull 4 chains, let’s make 2 l handrails for 4 chains, let’s pull 1 chain and make handrails for 2 chains from below. let’s pull 4 chains; let’s sink 4 from the lower chain and continue this way with the first row of side-by-side 2-li handrails. The model consists of 4 rows, respectively, it is continued. You can watch the continuation of the model in the video. We are already sending our wishes to our friends who will do it easily.

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You can apply crochet vest models by watching the video here.


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