Crochet Tutorial: Treble Crochet Stitch

Crochet Tutorial: Treble Crochet Stitch

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Well, yesterday was really a lazy day…I did a bit of creative stuff , but had a lovely afternoon nap, and listened to an audiobook and just enjoyed being… After the activity of the weekend, I think we all needed some time-out 🙂

The party was fantastic, the kids had a wild time, swimming, messing, eating, playing, tearing around the garden… the adults had a great time catching up, chatting, eating and not worrying about the kids… My daughter is a supercar fanatic, and the party theme was supercars. Not your traditional theme for a 13 year old girl, but then again, this child is not your typical 13 year old! Thank you to Pete for organising to have some nice cars to look at, you rock dude… 🙂

On another note… my 13 year old was on her dad’s laptop for ages the other day…I wondered what she was doing…and then the little cherub gave me a card, out of the blue… I love it, very special… 🙂

Now for a quick tutorial, I want to be sure that everyone (who is interested…;) ) knows how to do all three basic crochet stitches, as I have a small easy project for later in the week and you need to know the basics…
Crochet Tutorial: Treble Stitch

For the project (later this week…), you will need some yarn in various colours. I happened to have used the gorgeous Rowan Handknit Cotton, but any Double Knit yarn will do. Use whatever colours you like, as each item will be one colour. You will also need some strong small magnets. If you can’t find any, email me and I’ll send you the link I used… Also some small scraps of fabric, a needle and sewing thread and a tapestry needle… Ánd obviously….a crochet hook (3.75mm)!

Step 1. Make a slip stitch. If you don’t know how to do this, look here.

Step 2. Chain about 10 stitches. It doesn’t matter exactly how many, you are just learning, not starting the project yet…this is just practice 🙂

Step 3. Remember in the previous posts on SC and DC stitches, where I explained that you need some “height” at the beginning of a row of crochet, and that this “height ” would be different, depending on what crochet stitch came next? SC (single crochet), usually one chain is fine, DC (double crochet), usually two chains stitches, and now you will “skip” three chain stitches. So you will insert your hook into the loop next to the “skipped” stitches. See the pic above for clarification…
OK, now that you know where to put the crochet hook, you are first going to wrap the working yarn around the hook twice before inserting the hook into the chain stitch loop…

Step 4. Insert the hook into the chain stitch loop.

Step 5. Wrap the yarn around hook again…

Step 6. Pull the working yarn wrap through the chain stitch loop…

Step 7. Yarn around hook again.

Step 8. Pull yarn through two loops on hook. You have three loops left on your hook.

Step 9. Yarn around hook again, pull through two loops on hook. You now have two loops left on the hook.

Step 10. Yarn around hook once again…(getting the hang of it 🙂 )

Step 11. Draw through both loops on your hook. Ta-da!!! You have completed one treble crochet!

Step 12. In the pic above I have finished off the row of treble crochet. Now you have all the skills needed for the cute project that will come… 🙂
Right! Some interesting links: this boggles the mind (although, I’d say that the one thing I am pretty sure of , is that there is nothing new under the sun…or something like that…so I honestly shouldn’t have been surprised by some of the items in this list!!!!), I was surprised by this (what do you think?) and this was predictable (the emotional factors with big disasters, I guess makes for opportunists?)
Word of the Day
a noun: meaning the biography of a saint
That’s it for today 🙂
Have a meaningful day …
See you tomorrow,
Lots of Love,
Heidi 🙂

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