Crochet Trivet

Crochet Trivet

Hi dear followers! Today’s project is crochet trivet made. But I would like to mention about crochet and crochet made things which will be used at home for daily use.


As you know ladies, we are very talented on knitting and crocheting. Every day when we have free time, to do crochet is the best option to fill our free time with this activity. Therefore, I hope that this article will help you more if you are interested in crocheting.


As you can do many things by crocheting, you can knit trivets in crocheting style which is very practical and easy choice. Below materials that you will need before you do it:

  • Trivet pattern
  • Suitable kind of yarn (mercerized, woolen or satin)
  • Crochet needle or knitting needle


When you complete them all, you are ready to do your crochet. By crocheting, you can test your knitting talent. Also, you can design your own stuff to use at home. Crocheting styled things are usually expensive if you would like to buy from stores. Because it is made full of handmade efforts. If you design your own crochet stuff, it will be very cheap for you. Thus, you will have been saved your money in your pocket if you try to create your own crochet trivet or other kinds of home decorating stuff.


You can also search for crochet trivet made and check the pictures to use as sample before you start your own crochet trivet. Also, you can check pasted pictures on this article.

Happy Crocheting



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