Crochet Rose Made

Crochet Rose Made


I think rose is the most beautiful flower in the world. It smells so soft and It seems fantastic. So we can crochet rose with some materials. I would like to explain you my new idea as handmade crochet rose made. I hope you will be like this do it yourself project.


If you don’t know how can you crochet rose made, I will show you!
Ordinarily, these roses are ideal for your home décor and are medium size. And of course they are ideal for bag applique/ hat or brooches too. They are plenty and charming so you will make a lovely bouquet.


Measurements for crochet rose made:
Using the recommended thread and following the tutorial, you will make a ~1.8″ (4.5cm) high, ~2.8″ (7cm) wide. The bigger hooks will make bigger flowers, smaller hook you use the smaller the flower you will get. You must control the size! Crochet Rose Diagrams (Diagrams for 2 different petals, head and sepal. In all 4 different diagrams).


Chain 46.
First row: Single crochet in second chain from hook and in every chain across.
Second row: single crochet in first stitch , [skip next stitch, (double crochet, chain 1, double crochet, chain 1, double crochet, chain 1, double crochet) in next stitch, skip next stitch, single crochet in next stitch] 11 times.
Cut yarn and fasten off, leaving a long and for stitching the rose together. After completing Row 2, your rose should look like this. In this picture, the flat edge is at the bottom and the scalloped edge is at the top.
You can do crochet rose make like this!



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