Crochet Motif Robe, Bustier, Crop Pattern

Crochet Motif Robe, Bustier, Crop Pattern

Although it is mostly knitted for dowry and babies, it is possible to knit very beautiful clothes for ourselves. Thanks to the developing social media, we can reach the knitting of almost every outfit.

We have brought you various beautiful knitting descriptions until today. Today, we are here with a model description that you can use as a dress robe, bustier or crop. If your threads and crochet are ready, we can start.

We use small motifs when making our crochet robe model. You can finish the roba model in a short time by knitting enough motifs for the size you will make.

In the narration video, we used 3 different colors of soft yarn for our robe. We need to knit with crochet in the number suitable for the thickness of the rope we use and our hand setting. Otherwise, even if we make the same size, differences in size and knitting form may occur. We used a 2.50mm crochet.

All the details you need when making the knitting roba model are given in the narration video. Don’t forget to contact us in the comments section for anything you have in mind or wonder.

There are many more models and explanations like this on our site and Youtube channel. You can browse our site for everything you want to do and get information by watching our Youtube videos.

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Crochet Motif Robe, Bustier, Crop Pattern Expression Video ;


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