Crochet Lace Princess Dress

Crochet Lace Princess Dress

The knitting models we all like and want to use are different. The knitting models we plan to make according to our tastes, clothing preferences and the techniques we like to knit also change.

One of the most preferred knits for newborn baby girls is definitely dresses. Colorful, wide-skirted princess dresses attract the attention of most of us. Although knitting sometimes makes us difficult, the result always makes us happy.

As family, we have prepared a baby girl dress model description today in line with your requests. We think that you will not have any difficulty when knitting thanks to the video tutorial and the ease of the model.

We used 5 colors of rope while making this girl’s dress, which we will knit with colorful motifs and complete the bottom with crochet knitting. We used a crochet number 2.5 in accordance with our rope. Do not forget to choose the appropriate number according to the thickness of the rope and the adjustment of your hand.

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Crochet Lacy Princess Dress Expression Video ;


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