Crochet Key Chain Made

Crochet Key Chain Made


Crochet is a very important and valuable for us all ladies and for the men interested in crochet business!

We do often crochet with all of our efforts and when we finish our designs, they give us the best result that makes us proud of ourselves. As you know, crochet’s history is very old. We usually and traditionally get this crochet information from our ancestors. What our grandmothers know and teach us, we learn it. And then, we can improve our information and talent about crocheting with new models and new ideas. When our time is over, we transpose to our next generation what we know about crocheting. Then, it enlarges like this.


But unfortunately, today the new generation is not interested in crochet or other handmade works. They all the time prefer the basic sold ones. Because, we are accustomed to consume and use prepared ready ones. It is not valid for only crocheting or other handmade works, it is valid also for food and dessert made at home. We still support to keep crocheting and knitting alive.


For example, today I did crochet key chain. It is not only practice for me but also to create new ideas in crochet style. I would like to check what I can design more for daily use at home or personal stuff in crocheting style. Thus, I am good example for my children especially for my daughter. Because, as you know, daughters generally copy their mother.


For crochet key chain, you will need below materials:

  • Crochet needle
  • Key chain amigurumi pattern
  • Suitable kind of yarn
  • You might need some beads depending on the model that you would like to produce

Happy Crocheting,




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