Crochet Headband Construction

Crochet Headband Construction

Women are particularly windy rainy weather one of the accessories they wear their hair in winter headband. Hair bands are usually taken either ready or made with crochet. Different models except models known about crochet headband made to create our hands. The important thing is to prepare the subfloor. we want to model on.
Now I want to share with you a simple model for making crochet headband.

Required for crochet headband making process:

1 crochet hook and a rope can start with the color we want
We start pulling a rope in the middle with 10 thick chain with a crochet we want. (On request wider or thinner can set the number of our chain.) By 10 to check the handrail as we head over a width, we complete the chain knitting. ribbon on your wish we prepare the ground for the upper part of the band, make flowers, you can add different objects. You can use simply by dropping wish patterned rope. Some models, in addition to the ear as a normal part of the ground you can take to protect your ears headband t soft accessories can sew.

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